Services of PMU library

1. Users

Users of the library may be registered or not registered in PMU information system.

Groups of users listed below may register as PMU library users:

·         students and employees of PMU,

·         students of other public universities located in Szczecin,

·         healthcare staff of the West Pomeranian province.


All above-mentioned groups of users aside from PMU students need to fill a proper registration form to create a library user account and subsequently acquire a library card issued by PMU library.

The student ID serves as a library card, therefore PMU students don’t need any additional documents to borrow library materials.

Only users having access to library user account are eligible for borrowing the library items.

Services provided by PMU library to its users are:

·         loans

·         interlibrary loans

·         scientific information services


Registered users have access to all services provided by PMU library, while not registered users may use facilities and library items on site only.